Sharing Spiritual Gifts in Temecula, CA


Virginia Earl has been blessed with a psychic connection to the greater world around us. This blessing has manifested itself in rare and insightful talents. Virginia uses her spiritual gifts in Temecula, CA, to provide answers for those who are seeking guidance.

She is considered a psychic thanks to her ability to use extrasensory perception (ESP) to gather knowledge hidden to our ordinary senses. This overarching term includes individuals with a range of related skills. It is derived from the Greek word “psychikos” that means “of the mind” or “mental.” It also refers in some instances to the human mind or “psyche.” It means “soul” in Greek, too.

Virginia’s gifts also include clairvoyance, which comes from the French language and refers to “clear vision.” It encompasses the ability to gather information on a person, object, location, or physical event through ESP.

She employs her gift of clairsentience as well during client sessions. It is also taken from French and means “clear sensing.” It gives individuals the gift of feeling the present, past, or future physical and emotional states of others, without using the usual five senses. Clairsentient psychics, such as Virginia, can retrieve information from houses, buildings, and outside locations as well.

As a medium, taken from the Latin word “medius,” which means “intermediate” Virginia can communicate with spirits, and people who have passed away.