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Special Services & Packages

This list of services offers a combination of two services.

Akashic Records Reading: 3 Annual Sessions of Your Choice

(3 Hours)

This package offers the convenience of scheduling three, one-hour annual Akashic Records Readings. You may choose any combination of the following readings: "Akashic Records Reading: Past, Present and Future" and/or "Akashic Records Reading: Past Lifetimes." The goal is to continue with your healing progress by identifying and releasing any limiting beliefs that you carried with you from a previous life into this lifetime. With this package, you will be able to follow up on your progress regarding your personal growth, improving relationships, canceling negative thoughts, releasing your ancestral lineages addictive and negative limiting behavioral beliefs and patterns, blockages, whether karmic, emotional, financial, professional, spiritual and/or relationship related, among other things, based on healing messages received from the Masters and Teachers to help you release what no longer serves you and achieve your goals. It is recommended that all three readings are spread out throughout the year.
(Normally $450. Your discounted price is $400 when you prepay for all three sessions when you schedule your first one) (Available in-person, via Skype, Zoom or Facebook Messenger.)

Meditation & Healing With Your Akashic Records Open

(Includes Your Akashic Records, Chakra Toning/Balancing, Three Wishes Meditation)

(1 Hour)

This is a fun and powerful way to incorporate meditation and healing while your "Akashic Records" are open by simply sitting in the healing energy of Akasha and the spiritual guidance of the Masters & Teachers. The purpose of this session is to focus on receiving healing energy while we have your Akashic Records channel open to any messages that may come through for you. We will not ask the Masters & Teachers any specific questions while your records are open. However, we will just allow for messages to flow from the Masters & Teachers. We will open your Akashic Records and do a guided meditation, "Manifestation: Three Wishes." You may write down your three wishes ahead of time and bring them with you on the day of your appointment. "Chakra Toning/Balancing" will also be included to reap the benefits of additional healing as you emulate specific vowel sounds into the Universe, meditate on your heart's desires and immerse yourself into the magical, healing and peaceful energy of Akasha.
(Available in-person, via Skype, Zoom or Facebook Messenger.)

Home or Office Energy Clearing With Akashic Records Reading

(2 Hours)

During this session, we will clear the negative energy at your home or office and attract positive energy. This will involve saging you, your location and anyone else who is affecting the energy around you and is willing to be saged. We will open your Akashic Records and ask the Masters & Teachers for guidance, healing, protection and for positive energy to surround you. This includes supplies used for the energy clearing. (Round trip m ileage will be added to the cost of the session.) (Available to local Southern California Residents only.)

Akashic Records: Mini-Reading & Chakra Toning/Balancing

(1 Hour)

With this package you will receive an "Akashic Records: Mini-Reading" and a "Chakra Toning/Balancing." During your 30-minute Akashic Records Reading, you will be able to ask four quick questions. You will also enjoy the healing benefit of balancing your chakras by emulating vowels with the added benefit of having your Akashic Records are open. This is a great package if you are seeking answers from the Masters & Teachers to non-in-depth questions.
(Available in-person, via Skype, Zoom or Facebook Messenger.)

Chakra Toning/Balancing, Guided Meditation

(45 minutes)

This package includes a combination of two services. It allows you to choose one meditation of your choice, either a "Grounding: Mother Earth Meditation" OR "Manifestation: Three Wishes." You may combine either meditation with "Chakra Toning/Balancing".
(Available in person only.)

Payment Details

If you have a phone, Skype™ or Zoom appointment, please complete your payment and Consent Form as soon as you book your consultation. The Consent Form will be emailed to you.

The fee for a standard one-hour session is $150. If your session exceeds one hour, an additional $100 will be charged for an additional 60 minutes or $50 per 30 minutes. Please note, you may select the two-hour Akashic Records Reading With Discussion for $250 if you feel you would like to focus on in-depth issues.

There is also a no-show policy. You must cancel or reschedule an appointment 24 hours in advance, or you will be charged 50% of the fee. 

For your added convenience, you may send your payment via PayPal™ by selecting "Reading Type" and "Buy Now" below or call 951-551- 4566 with a major credit card before your scheduled appointment.

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