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Virginia Earl

Virginia Earl is a gifted psychic in Southern California. She is a Spiritual Healer, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, a Medium, a Certified Reiki Master and the owner of Seven Mystic Rings in Murrieta. Her spiritual journey began when she was only a few weeks old during an event that ultimately changed her life.

This set the stage for other events in her life that lead her to believe that  there is more than the here and now, and as she grew up, this feeling followed her for years. She especially held onto it when her family experienced personal turmoil.

This life-changing event fostered an even greater desire for a spiritual connection. In 2014, Virginia Earl followed her spiritual path and began studying under the tutelage of Ernesto Ortiz, founder and president of Journey to the Heart in Miami.

Virginia Earl
The Great Wall of China, Beijing

She traveled to South America and Asia where she learned about the sacred energy of The Akashic Records and where she also received her Akashic Records Certifications ( Akashic Records Intensive: Levels I, II & III in Guatemala; Akashic Records Intensive: Levels I, II & III in Bali;  Akashic Records Consultant Certification). She is also a Certified Reiki Master and offers Reiki Sessions in combination with Akashic Records Readings.

In 2001, Yogi Bhajan blessed Virginia to live with the spiritual name of Guru Soorya Kaur, which means "Princess of the sun who brings one from darkness to light" — a fitting name honoring the spiritual work she provides her clients today as a Certified Akashic Records Consultant by bringing that which is hidden in past lives, in the subconscious mind, to light — into the present. 

Virginia believes all beings are connected through energy and that it is through the healing energy of God, the Universe and our own energy and faith in ourselves and a higher power that we bring things about, whether positive or negative. We all have free will. The Akashic Records is an ancient tool that she combines with her spiritual gifts to access a higher source. In Egypt, it is believed that people who could read the Akashic Records were highly respected and sought-after by Pharaohs for advice on day-to-day issues.

It is her compassion, kindness and loving heart combined with her spiritual talents that she is able to help her clients identify blockages, as well as belief systems and behavioral patterns that no longer serve them. Her spiritual gifts are sought by clients with high profiles, a broad spectrum of beliefs and from all walks of life.

Virginia is the only Journey to the Heart Akashic Records Certified Consultant in Murrieta, and offers Akashic Records Readings in English and Spanish locally, nationwide and internationally. She is an Ambassador for the Murrieta/Wildomar Chamber of Commerce and a member of Global Society for Female Entreprenurs (GSFE).

She co-authored "Goddesses Among Us," Volume 2 of a #1 Best Selling Series, "100 Most Successful Women Around The World,“ “Quarentena & Beyond: Stories of hope, resilience and inspiration during the Great Lockdown," “It’s All About Showing Up & The Power Is In The Asking” and "All Women Rock: A Series of Inspirational Life Journeys.” 

Virginia is a recipient of the 2021 World Kindness Day Award; 2021 Ambassador of the Year Award, Murrieta/Wildomar Chamber of Commerce; U.S. Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award; GSFE Annual Lady In Blue Sapphire 2021 Game Changer Award;  GSFE Annual Lady in Blue Saphire 2021 Director's Finalist Award; GSFE Annual Lady in Blue Saphire 2021 Inspire Finalist Award; GSFE Annual Lady in Blue Saphire 2021 Influencer Finalist Award; 2021 100 Global Women Awards; 2021 GSFE Humanitarian Award; 2021 All Women Rock "Spiritual, Motivational Creator & Impactor of the Year Award; 2021 All Authors Rock Award;  2021 Women Appreciating Women (WAW) Hall of Fame Award, London, England; U.S. Presidential Volunteer Service Award; 2020 She Inspires Me Awards (SIMA), London, England, and 2019 All Women Rock Awards, Orange County, California. Virginia is listed in “Who's Who Among Hispanic Americans” and “Who’s Who of American Women."

Heather Payne

From a very young age, Heather Payne has had natural empathic, intuitive, clairsentient and clairvoyant abilities, which makes her highly sensitive to others emotions and to sensing Spirit. She has always loved helping others, but she didn't feel comfortable doing it under this capacity. 

Heather spent years second-guessing herself and would often ask, “Why Me?” She was always worried about what people whom she had known for years would think. So she hid her spiritual gifts until she was finally able to accept her true life purpose.

After seeking out her own answers through prayers, spiritual therapy and Chakra healings, she was able to embrace her new life path. Once she opened herself up to her own healing, she realized she had so much more to offer others and that she could possibly bring them comfort when they need it the most.

Heather Payne

What she does is absolutely a “gift” that must be shared rather than hidden and tucked away out of fear. So, here she is years later, still working on her own healing by helping others to do the same. Heather likes to keep things real. 

She is highly intuitive and uses her spiritual gifts to offer healing Energy Card Readings. In her sessions, you can expect to receive divine guidance in a lighthearted, responsible and uplifting way. She will help you use the tools you already have been gifted with to find your own life path through the healing messages you receive in your session. Although she does see things that can come through, she believes only God has the answers, and it's all up to us as we are gifted with free will.

Heather is also a talented, intuitive contemporary artist and has been featured in local newspapers in Southern California.