The Benefits of The Akashic Records

By accessing the Akashic Records of our soul's energetic imprint, we can discover our journey from our past and present lives. We can:

  • Find our life's purpose
  • Ask the Masters & Teachers
  • Access an Alternative Personal & Interpersonal Sacred Healing Modality without dependency on prescriptions and medications as generally offered by mainstream medicine.
  • Explore our past lives, present, and future possibilities
  • Focus on personal growth development
  • Improve interpersonal relationships
  • Cancel and replace negative thoughts
  • Release ancestral lineage addictive and negative limiting behavioral beliefs and patterns
  • Replace blockages, whether karmic, emotional, financial, professional, spiritual, and/or relationship-related with positive, proactive life-changing decisions
  • Identify & let go of things that no longer have a positive impact on our lives.

When we consult the Akashic Records, we gain a better understanding of our personal essence so that we may improve our lives. We learn to connect to the healing energy that removes our negativity and makes us more joyful and more attuned to others.

When you learn from your Acjashic Records Reading, you can:

  • Reprioritize your life & be more productive
  • Improve your interpersonal relationships
  • Overcome harmful habits of thinking
  • Confront traumas and let go of negativity
  • Release beliefs and behavioral patterns that limit you and create blockages
  • Clear away karmic, mental, professional, financial and relationship blockages
  • Prepare yourself for new pathways to open in your life