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Explore your past, present, and future with Seven Mystic Rings in Murrieta, CA.

I am Virginia Earl, and I am a Spiritual Healer, and I use an ancient technique called The Akashic Records to identify the "why" behind my clients' roadblocks and to get them unstuck so they can live a life of purpose and clarity.

With the Akashic Records, we can identify and remove the obstacles that prevent you from achieving your fullest potential. These Records are a complete compendium of all thoughts and actions, past, present, and future. They exist in a different field of energy, the realm of Akasha. Every person has an Akashic Record, which contains details of past lives, present, and future events.

By consulting The Akashic Records with me, you can get on a path toward a more balanced and fulfilling spiritual life. If you want to enjoy inner clarity and peace, reach out to me today.

The Akashic Records are in a different energy field. Every person has an Akashic Record, which contains all the events of past lives. By consulting these Records with Virginia Earl, you can get on the path towards a balanced spiritual life with clarity and peace within.

The Akashic Records

There are several guidelines that must be followed before any reading. Please read them closely and contact Virginia Earl if you have any questions. You will need to confirm the time and date of your appointment with Virginia prior to reserving your session online and selecting "Book Now." 


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You must follow several guidelines before you receive your reading. Please read them closely and contact Virginia Earl if you have any questions. You will need to confirm  the time and date of your appointment with Virginia prior to  reserving your session online and selecting  "Book Now."  Consultations are available in English and Spanish in person in Murrieta or via Zoom or Facebook Messenger.

Virginia's Mission

It is my core belief that there are two emotions that guide us: fear and love. From love comes everything that is positive, such as happiness, contentment, peace, and joy. Love attracts love. However, from fear comes anger, hate, guilt, and other negative forces. Fear attracts fear. I believe that if we wish for positive developments in our lives, we must invest in genuinely positive thoughts, actions, and feelings, which will, in turn, attract and generate more of the same around us. However, these thoughts and actions of love will only produce positive moments for us if they are heartfelt and authentic, not if they are false, deceptive, or self-serving.

So let’s be mindful of our thoughts and feelings and let gratitude, compassion, and kindness serve as the guiding lights of our lives. The Universe will duplicate these positive thoughts and feelings for us, and keep us ever centered in a place that originates in love, where we will continue to receive the same positive expressions, thoughts, and feelings that we sincerely give. Our body is our temple, and within it lies our heart—our core connection with the spiritual world, and with The Universe. It is up to us to decide which emotion will be our guide, fear, or love. Miracles happen where love abounds. In the end, love is all there is, all that matters, and our most powerful guide. I will assist you in achieving a more fulfilling life through these beliefs and through spiritual guidance.

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Virginia Earl

"For when the disciple is ready, the Master is ready also."

Light On The Path, by Mabel Collins (1885) —

I am Virginia Earl. I am a Spiritual Healer, and I combine my spiritual gifts with an ancient technique called The Akashic Records to identify the "why" behind my clients' roadblocks and to get them unblocked so they can live a life of  purpose and clarity.

"Bring-A-Friend" and you both receive a discount when you book and prepay for either a 1- or 2-hour                       Akashic Records Reading  scheduled for same day!

Times and dates for all appointments must be requested directly
with Virginia first before booking online. 

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*Consultations available in English and Spanish


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Spiritual Guidance from Your Akashic Records

Your spiritual record already exists. It is a compendium of your soul's experiences, since it was born, and these life events are energetically recorded in The Akashic Records or The Book of Life, a name which we give to your energetic imprint in the non-physical, etheric plane. This imprint records your every thought, action, emotion, word, and experience that you have had and may have in the future, as we all have free will. The Akashic Records are a powerful source of knowledge; they are named after the Sanskrit word Akasha, which refers to the primary substance, energy, or ether from which all existence comes.

By accessing your Akashic Records, you can receive personal spiritual advice that’s informed by your spirits' journey through its past, present, and future lives. If you have ever asked yourself what is your purpose in life, or whether a certain powerful memory harkens to a past life, I can guide you to the information that can help you.

My standard sessions are one hour to two hours long. Shorter, 30-minute sessions are available. However, I recommend an hour or a two-hour session to get a more in-depth reading. With the information you learn from your reading, you can:

  • Reprioritize your life & be more productive
  • Improve your interpersonal relationships
  • Overcome harmful habits of thinking
  • Confront traumas and let go of negativity
  • Release beliefs and behavioral patterns that limit you and create blockages
  • Clear away karmic, mental, professional, financial and relationship blockages
  • Prepare yourself for new pathways to open in your life

When we consult the Akashic Records, we gain a better understanding of our personal essence so that we may improve our lives. We learn to connect to the healing energy that removes our negativity and makes us more joyful and more attuned to others. To learn what the Akashic Records hold for you, you may reach out to me directly. I am a Certified Akashic Records Consultant, and I am here to help you access a broader realm of consciousness and connectivity.

Contact Virginia Earl to schedule your session. In-person appointments are available to clients in Murrieta and throughout Southern California. Clients worldwide may schedule appointments for sessions via Zoom and Facebook Messenger.


Thank you for your interest in an Akashic Records Reading with
Virginia Earl in Murrieta, California.

Whats App   (951) 551-4566 *Consultations available in English and in Spanish

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It is the core belief of Virginia Earl, who specializes in Akashic Records Readings, that there are two emotions that guide us: fear and love. From the latter comes everything that's positive, such as happiness, contentment, peace, and joy. However, from fear comes anger, hate, guilt, and more. Virginia believes if we wish for positive things in our lives, we must invest in genuine positive thoughts, actions, and feelings; these things will generate more of the same around us. However, these feelings of love will only create positive moments in our lives when they genuinely come from our heart, not when they are false and intended for self-serving purposes. So let's be mindful of our thoughts, feelings, and actions, as the Universe will duplicate them and return them to their place of origin. Moreover, let's allow for feelings of compassion, gratitude, love, forgiveness, and kindness to be the guiding light of our actions, thoughts, and expressions so that these will, in turn, duplicate, and we may receive more of this positive energy from the Universe. Our body is our temple, and within it lies our heart — our core connection with the spiritual world, with the Universe. Virginia can assist you in reaching a better spiritual life through these beliefs and her spiritual guidance in Temecula.

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Aside from being of service to her clients by helping them identify the "why" behind their roadblocks so they can live a life of purpose and clarity, Virginia's other mission is to share her wealth. What we put out to help others equals what we receive in return, and when we give wholeheartedly to help others, the Universe responds in kind.

Early on in 2019, she attended a conference that touched her heart and soul. As a result, she has become an "Angel Ambassador" for the Unstoppable Foundation and donates to the foundation on a monthly basis. You, too, can join Virginia in living a legacy of giving.

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Virginia is also involved in supporting "Girl Up Initiative Uganda" as every little bit counts towards providing all these girls with hope for a better future through education and skills. Girl Up Initiative Uganda aims to build a vibrant movement of girls through transformative leadership, sexual and reproductive health education, and skills development.

Girl Up Initiative Uganda’s Adolescent Girls Program (AGP) is an in-school program that has empowered thousands of girls to rise up out of the insurmountable poverty and inequality they face to thrive as leaders in their communities. GUIU tackles gender inequality head-on to ensure that women and girls become advocates for their human rights, their self-esteem and self-worth, and changing the status quo!

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