Access Your Akashic Records With Virginia Earl

Seven Mystic Rings in Murrieta, CA, provides Akashic Records Readings (The Book of Life), Chakra Balancing and different types  of  guided meditations, Grounding, Journey and Manifestation, as well as Reiki Healing using the Usui Method.

Virginia Earl is a Spiritual Healer in Murrieta, and she is certified to use an ancient technique called The Akashic Records to identify the "why" behind her clients' roadblocks and to get hem unblocked so they can live a life of purpose and clarity.

Virginia is also Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, a Medium, Highly Intuitive, and a Certified Reiki Master. She can perform readings in English and Spanish for individuals, animals/pets, buildings, homes, and vacant land. Her studies and certifications include Akashic Records Intensive: Levels I, II, & III in Guatemala; Akashic Records Intensive: Levels I, II, & III in Bali; Akashic Records Consultant Certification. 

Standard readings are one-hour or two-hours long and are recommended for an in-depth session. Mini Readings last 30 minutes and are also available. (Select the Services tab to view a description of each service.) Please make sure to follow the Guidelines once you schedule a reading session.

The Akashic Records, also known as The Book of Life, represents an energetic imprint of every thought, action, emotion, and experience that has ever occurred throughout time and space, since the dawn of Creation. They are called Akashic because they are composed of Akasha, a Sanskrit word, meaning "energetic or primary substance," which is the substance from which all life is formed.

These records contain information about each individual soul from the time of its inception to the present. By accessing the Akashic Records of our soul's energetic imprint, we can discover our journey from our past and present lives. We can:

  • Find our life's purpose
  • Ask the Masters & Teachers
  • Access an Alternative Personal & Interpersonal Sacred Healing Modality without dependency on prescriptions and medications as generally offered by mainstream medicine.
  • Explore our past lives, present, and future possibilities
  • Focus on personal growth development
  • Improve interpersonal relationships
  • Cancel and replace negative thoughts
  • Release ancestral lineage addictive and negative limiting behavioral beliefs and patterns
  • Replace blockages, whether karmic, emotional, financial, professional, spiritual, and/or relationship-related with positive, proactive life-changing decisions
  • Identify & let go of things that no longer have a positive impact on our lives.

The Akashic Records

An imprint of past, present. and future possibilities of every soul that ever lived on Earth

What are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is essentially a library in a different energy field that contains the records of each human being's soul since the beginning of time to the present. This library stores a compilation of every action, feeling, and thought that every individual has ever experienced on Earth.

Here are some other names for The Akashic Records: 

The Book of Life — (Christian) (Philippians 4:3; Malachi 3:16; Revelations 3: 5-8-17, 8: 20-21, 27).

  • Cosmic / Collective Consciousness
  • The Cosmic Mind
  • The Universal Mind
  • Nature's Memory
  • The Universal Library
  • The Book of Remembrance — Jewish
  • The Hall of Learning
  • The Hall of Knowledge
  • The Repository of Thoth — Egyptian
  • Der Bewusstseinsraum — German (meaning, the room of conscious knowledge of yourself)
  • The Akashic Chronicles
  • The Etheric Records — Tibetan
  • Anima Mundi, the soul of the world — Yucatán

Who are the Masters & Teachers?

The Masters & Teachers are spiritually enlightened beings who were once ordinary human beings, and as they reincarnated and learned all their lessons on Earth, they ascended into another realm or energy field and are under the Divine Light through which they receive guidance. 

They are, in a way, the "gatekeepers" of The Akashic Records, the library of the records of every human being's souls.

The Masters & Teachers have access to knowledge about our past, present, and future possibilities and provide us with guidance. They are here to help us work through patterns and blockages that hold us back from experiencing our full potentials for growth, joy, harmony, and direction.

The information in The Akashic Records helps us to have a better understanding of ourselves, of our essence, by exploring the journey of our soul to the present and its future possibilities, as well as our connection to Spirit —to the Universe.

Through the healing energy of The Akashic Records, we can identify and let go of any obstacles that prevent us from growing into our full potential today.

This healing energy provides us with the tools to overcome obstacles; it gives us the tools to act instead of reacting in our daily lives.

In Egypt, it is believed that people who could read the Akashic Records were highly respected and sought-after by Pharaohs for advice on day-to-day issues.

As we reach a better understanding of our past beliefs and behavioral patterns that no longer serve us, we can move forward so that we may achieve our goals in this lifetime. This healing energy is also a continuous reminder of our connection with Spirit.