"I have seen Virginia a total of 3 times and I am sure I will eventually be back again. The clearer and more heart open (calm, trusting, loving, accepting) I am, the more she’s able to help me. After this last session, I really felt something very healing. All of my sessions with her have been informative and helpful. Depending on where I’m at mentally and emotionally, they can be very validating and confirming. For instance, this last session, I had kind of known intuitively some things (although I didn’t tell her anything) and she confirmed them for me. There have been other sessions where I had no idea (or maybe didn’t want to see) I needed to do X, Y, or Z until she told me. In every session there is always information given that I needed to hear for some reason or another. When I’m done with my session, I feel lighter and brighter. I appreciate Virginia’s energies and her work to be a conduit for such great things. It’s truly amazing and so helpful. Ps: there was a time when I was anti zoom but I just had our last session zoom and I absolutely loved it so don’t worry about that!"

— S. Talley
Corona, CA

"Virginia is amazing and very gifted in her clairabilities. She made me feel very comfortable and helped ease my anxiety as I’m going through an extreme loss. We went through a heart chakra meditation and cleansed my energy through a sage cleansing. She was able to channel my passed away love and dad. She was also able to give me confirmation that my passed away partner is my twin flame, so I’m grateful to have this knowledge as I know how to push forward. I was provided with a lot of insight on how promising my future will be. I am very appreciative of the reading as it gave me a lot of closure."

— A. Vega
Temecula, CA

“This was my first Akashic Records reading and I thought it was interesting that I was connected with Virginia through Yelp, but I appreciated the depth and breadth of information on her website so decided to schedule an appointment with her. I went into the process knowing it was a very sacred space to share with someone so trust and comfort were very important to me. It was apparent right away that she had a beautiful gift of presence, connection, and simply holding space for the information that came through. By the end of the two-hour session, I felt reassured. Virginia is very generous with her time and special gift and I know I will work with her again in the future.”

— D. Mott
Vacaville, CA

“I found Virginia doing an internet search and found her intriguing and I scheduled a reading with her. I was very satisfied with her reading; it's very apparent she has special gifts and was able to provide me very helpful information. I highly recommend her Akashic readings. She was also very caring and provided me additional resources to assist me with other things I'm personally working on.”

— R. Dominguez
Temecula, CA

"I was a bit nervous when I went to see Virginia because I did not know what to expect or what information I would receive. After talking to her for a while, I felt more comfortable with the process. Once we started, Virginia knew exactly what I needed to work on without me telling her anything. Amazing. The reading brought me a lot of clarity. It has only been a week, and I have started the healing process and I already feel so much better. Virginia is definitely connected spiritually, and I’m grateful to have someone like her close by. Thank you Virginia for helping me recognize what I need to do to start healing. Thank you for your warm heart and your kind words."

— C. Lewis
Winchester, CA

"My experience with Virginia was amazing. After having a reading with Virginia, I felt so settled. I came in very uncertain about which direction to take my life and when to take my next steps. Upon leaving my reading, I had a clear plan and a newfound patience. I was also able to shift my outlook on a few areas in my life that were holding me back. Thanks to Virginia, I was able to change my perspective from a victim mentality to gratitude, prosperity, and achievement. I am so much happier about my current life's work and now have the confidence to move forward with a plan to start my soul's life work."

— B. McGowan
Menifee, CA

"It was my first time diving into the Akashic Records, and Virginia was so welcoming and went out of her way to make sure I felt comfortable. After my reading, I felt a quiet, knowing ease fall over me, and have since felt like I have been cleansed of stale energies. Virginia truly has a special gift!"

— N.L.
San Francisco

"I came to get a reading to find some peace with what was going on with my life currently. Before I said anything of my questions she already got me telling her my struggles with my mom. After my questions I came for I felt some relief already. I cried, I smiled and I had a sense of some closure inside myself. I was given just enough to set myself up on the right path with facing losing my mom. She does wonderful work."

—S. Duncan
Winchester, CA

“I’ve known Virginia for awhile now and highly recommend her. She is kind, caring and professional. She will help you with your spiritual needs and help clarify what you need and where you are in your life. Her sensitivity and intuition, her vision and low key way of finding out about you are why it’s so easy to talk with her especially for healing and meditation. Her warmth and openness is something I cherish in people and in today’s world, that is so hard to find. I met Virginia through business and I knew this is someone special. People come into your life for a reason and I’m thankful she came into mine!”

— C. Pisciotta
Murrieta, CA

"Virginia is accurate in her readings and very helpful with my personal issues."

—Harry P
San Francisco, CA

“This is a long overdue review from an Akashic Reading I had with her back in February. Virginia welcomed me into her home and once the reading began she was able to very clearly identify challenges I have both personally and with others. She also gave good suggestions on how to set boundaries and protection. She explained how important it is for me to meditate and be grounded and clearly ask for what I wanted in life. She also nailed a very personal issue between my son and I and gave me a suggestion to try and mend things. There were also a few very clear things that had happened in past lives that were still affecting me in this one. Overall, a very powerful reading and she ended it with a special prayer for me.”

— S. Sumlin
Lake Elsinore, CA

"Virginia is amazing. I did an Akashic Records session with her. I came with prepared questions (her website outlines how to word these questions). She took time to answer each question fully. She helped me identify negative karma, people and patterns in my life. She gave me recommendations and a clear action plan to clear this negative energy from my life. I am very grateful to her. She is also very Cover friendly."

— E. Khan
Murrieta, CA

“Virginia feels more like a friend to me even though I have only had two readings thus far with more to come. Her compassion and sensitivity for her clients is admirable. I have experienced a past life dream for many years where our family lived in Austria, owned a large family farm and there was a great tragedy in which soldiers came and I was sent away as our whole farm burned. I never did see my dad and brother again and my aunt raised me in that life. Today, we are together again in this life with different family roles. With this said, we endure family dynamics that are sometimes difficult. Virginia helped me realize that this was not a reoccurring dream but an event that we suffered great trauma as a family. I have only begun on the journey and I am looking forward to more sessions with Virginia.

I also have experienced dark forces that have followed me since childhood. Virginia was able to recommend things that help to keep those energies at bay.

Lastly, I lost my dear friend and mentor a year ago and was unable to say goodbye, Virginia, was able recommend steps to put closure on my loss. The really cool thing was as soon as she started the reading my friend Rob let her know he was there.

If you have been holding back on having a reading, don't wait anymore. I waited much too long and I should have reached out sooner. It is a life changing experience for me.... Thank you Virginia!”

— T. Ream
Monterrey, CA

"Highly recommend! If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Virginia was amazing! Her compassion and sensitivity toward my need to receive guidance, clarification, and direction was truly incredible. The walk through my journey allowed me to have insight in areas I was blind to seeing on my own. Immediately, I felt a strong sense of comfort witnessing her ability to tap into events in my life and understand the root to many areas that I had no connection or understanding. She helped me with providing suggestions to resolve the areas of concern shared. I was deeply touched by her sensitivity and compassion demonstrated. When our session ended, I found myself taking a deep breath from the relief I felt. Thank you Virginia. It was such an honor to have met you!."

— H. Limb
Winchester, CA

“Virginia Earl is a sensitive, empathic and generous healer. She tuned in to a personal situation I was having with a close family member and offered to share her insights, which were valuable and supportive. I didn't have an Akashic Records Reading, but from the way she reached out to me and offered her support, I can tell that Virginia is authentic and devoted to helping humanity.”

— P. Jane Gerrand
Stratford, Ontario, Canada

“Virginia was amazing. I had heard about Akashic readings from a friend of mine and was eager to try it out. I found Virginia online through a Google search. The past, present, future lives 2 hr discussion was incredible. It was fascinating to hear about past life experiences and what changes I needed to make in my present life to help me fulfill my purpose. I enjoyed it so much I gifted a session to a friend of mine. I would highly recommend Virginia to family and friends and I will be making another appointment with her soon."

— K. Filia
Santa Ana

“Working with Virginia has been a life changing experience. She was able to help me release blockages I didn’t know I had so I could live a more peaceful, happy life. Her Akashic readings have been an incredible benefit to me. I highly recommend her.”

— A. Stanley
San Diego, CA

"Virginia is spot on. I went to see her for my Akashic Records. She had brought up horses in conversations in which I assumed was a past life. The vision was of me shutting the barn after being with the horses. A man was observing. "This man knew how to love me." Through the hug she could feel his love emanate from him. One and a half years later, I met the rancher we have been looking at horses to purchase. Completely forgot about my session with Virginia. Until that night in my dream the entire conversation with Virginia played back with every detail. I woke up from my sleep and shouted "He's the one" The connection with this man is not from this lifetime. The force and familiarity is beyond. Signs were everywhere but the dream remembering Virginia's vision gave me the confidence and knowing he's the one.  Xo Virginia."

— H. Davidson
Mission Viejo, CA

"I met Virginia at my first business mixer through the Murrieta/Wildomar Chamber of Commerce. I was terrified of networking. She was one of the first people who talked with me and we became friends. At the time I was not a believer in her gifts. I thought readings, psychic capabilities and such things were fake and for quacks. Really I was afraid of it. I never told her that and I was not ever going to get a reading even though I like her as a person.

One evening we were discussing our businesses and I was complaining about something that I had been complaining about for several months. She told me she had heard this for so long that clearly what I was doing wasn't working and that I needed to come and see her. At this point we knew each other well, I was over the fear and I was curious what she saw.

At the reading, she helped me to relax, get comfortable and be vulnerable. What she was able to uncover and help me work through, reenergized me, and moved me to action to better the situation I was complaining about. It also changed my whole self perception and relationships. I had been trying to force myself forward without dealing with things from the past, that needed to be dealt with. Once we worked through them I was able to get them out of my mind and they no longer hold me back. Now I see opportunity everywhere. I'm grabbing the opportunities that suit me and letting the ones that don't, pass. We are all limitless. Most of us simply can't see past the nonsense of our past. Virginia helped me do that."

— R. Ritter
Temecula, CA

“I went in with a very heavy heart. Through my session, many life changing revelations happened. This process helped me release many blocked energies. I was able to get answers to questions I've had and has allowed me to finally move forward in life. Virginia offered many suggestions that I immediately implemented. She was a pure source of healing energy. I appreciate her beyond what I can express here. If you have an open mind and a need for healing, she's the ONE."

— N. Galindo
Temecula, CA

“Virginia provided me with the best Akashic Records readings I've ever had! She is thorough and prepared. I was surprised at how detailed she was able to be in response to my questions. Highly recommended!”

— J. Suen
Honolulu, HI

“I came across Virginia's website several months ago, did some homework, but never bookmarked her. I remembered the images on her site, and knew in my heart it was time to receive some guidance. I was able to locate her. Having received different services before, (2 past life regressions, many years ago) have recently become interested in the Akashic Records due to a friend mentioning this several months ago. My journey has been difficult to navigate through most of my life. Virginia is a true, compassionate, and gentle soul. She has guided me on how to claim a part of my soul back. Cannot describe in words what she has done. She will give you homework to help heal you, though at the moment, it is very hard to go through. But I know I will accomplish them.Virginia has an amazing gift; you will not be disappointed! Much love coming your way Virginia, and thank you!"

— T. Spirito
Lake Elsinore, CA

"You are the real deal...Definitely worth seeing and worth the drive...lol..I drove 2 hours."

— C. Jones
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

"Virginia is a beautiful soul! I had such a wonderful session with her. She helped me better understand the dynamic that is being played out with my mother and sister in this lifetime. She provided insight into recent past lives, and offered insight and guidance. She also referred me to a shaman who ended up being extremely helpful as well. She's an awesome person - very sweet and kind. Set up a visit with her today! You won't regret it!"

— T. Alvarez
Riverside, CA

"Virginia continued to get messages to deliver to me. One was she asked me to teach my son meditation and he had just asked me to teach him how to meditate that same day. She also recommended some other things to do to help heal us and I feel a huge shift in the family dynamics leading to our current situation. Everything is done with God in mind and seeking his love and light and learning our life's purpose. Virginia recommended to give my son some selenite and rose quartz and he was very happy to receive the gifts. The day after I gifted him the stones he was taken off stimulant medications and has been doing much better. Thank you Virginia. I also cleared the room in my mother's house that held so much negative energy."

— S. Wilson
Temecula, CA

"I have been going through extremely challenging experiences and challenges on my life. I saw Virginia and I had some friends in common and when I viewed her page I felt drawn to her. We stuck up a conversation and it turned out she was the reader who assisted a family member who had rave reviews about her. I received bad news and was feeling uneasy and Virginia fit me on the same day as i requested to see her. She took more than sufficient time explaining things to me and I was only charged for the reading and not any time educating me or wait time. My reading was very unique and I felt very intense energy. I also communicated telepathically with her during our "heart to heart" exercise, which was a unique experience. Virginia answered all of my questions and the reading was very intense. She asked me about a family member's home and told me there was negative energy there. After the reading she still sent more messages to me via text (free of charge) where she asked me if there was a rocking chair in the home. I told her of the porch chair and it did not resonate with her. Later my family member told me about an antique chair located in the addition room. Turns out a woman died in this home in a very negative way and this chair was her grandmother’s. I also came to find out that the woman lived mostly in that room and there was a lot of drug activity, etc. in that area of the home. Virginia instructed me on how to remove negative energy and how to cleanse the house. I have been helping the family member clear the home in the ways I was instructed and the energy has greatly shifted. The chair has also been removed from inside the house. I still have instructions given by Virginia to complete but I feel much clearer headed. I have also been having very vivid dreams and messages sent for loved ones during my meditative sessions. Virginia even delivered a message from a loved one that had passed on. The message was THE EXACT same message that was delivered to me 12 years ago from the same spirit and she even mentioned the same jewelry to clarify who the loved one was. Virginia is very nurturing and thorough. She really gives off a vibration of caring about you as her client. You won't be disappointed!!"

— S. Wilson
Temecula, CA

"The best compliment that I can give Virginia is that she is 100% AUTHENTIC! I have had many of these type of experiences in my life, some with people that were very well known for doing this type of work and with these gifts. Virginia does not cut corners at all. She did the entire "ritual" for protection, which is VERY important in these type of sessions and she was absolutely thorough. She gave me very accurate information and she even quoted several exact phrases that have been a recurring message in my life. The previous week, was very bad and negative, thus the reason why I contacted her. When I left, she answered pretty much all of my questions and my energy has been totally different and positive since then. She instructed me what I needed to do and she definitely gave me more than my moneys worth. Everything she stated...all made perfect sense. Will definitely be putting her in my contact book for future references. Wonderful very gifted lady. HIGHLY recommend! I drove 2 hours to see her too. Well worth it!"

— C. Jones
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

"UPDATE!!! So about a week after I met with Virginia, in which she had also suggested that I see a shaman, which I did. This session had to do with chord cutting some past "karmic ties" that were drastically affecting my life with another person, releasing some trauma from a past life that affected some back and shoulder pain, all from what had Virginia told me, which all made sense. Everything the shaman also stated in regards to my situation was spot on and she even specifically pointed out 2 VERY specific parts of my body that had given me MUCH pain and discomfort for over a decade and why I was feeling this. Like clockwork, something happened the next day after my session with the shaman that would have probably never happened before I had my session with her and true to her word, everything that she stated would happen, has! I HIGHLY recommend a session with both Virginia and her as well, it is life changing indeed. They are both extremely gifted women. I even recommended a personal friend to meet with Virgina and afterwards, she came back astounded with much clarity about why her life has turned out the way it did and what she needs to change it."

— C. Jones
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

"8/19/19 Update: As I stated in my earlier review, Virginia gave me some homework. One of the items involved my adopted son. Previously, another clairvoyant told me that my son carried some evil entities and that my spouse and I should not go through with the adoption, and explained what kind of life we could expect raising him. At the time, I took it seriously, but we had already adopted him, and our only option was to keep moving forward with therapy, love, and continuity in our parenting. I asked Virginia about my son, and she confirmed exactly what was said to me 5 years earlier. I then shared with her what the other clairvoyant told me. She asked to see a picture of my son and immediately told me that my son was born with a negative entity attached to him. Our struggles with our son were due to negative spirits involved, and that all the therapy in the world would not solve our problem. I was battling this dark energy, which explained why I felt like sometimes he wasn't present during our conversations and had a dark blank stare. Virginia recommended I see a Shaman for my son. Virginia prefaced that she receives no kickbacks, but that she was truly concerned for our family and my young son who is only 13. My son is very open to anything that involves his healing from the trauma that he experienced as a young child. After explaining a Shaman to my son, he agreed to see her. The Shaman was amazing. She explained to my son what she would be doing, and asked his permission to heal him. My son spent 1 hr. with her. My son explained that after a quick chat, she had him lie down on a table where she prayed over him and conducted Divine rituals. At one point he opened his eyes and said the Shaman's eyes were closed and she mimicked grabbing something in the air and chopping it away, and then peace and joy came over him. The Shaman later explained that my son had an entity attached to him from another universe and that the entity was feeding off a few thousand people. She said that the other souls were waiting for someone courageous to step forward and have the work done to remove this negative entity for all souls involved. Apparently, that person was my son. I do not believe in coincidences, but in Divine timing and guidance. This was all divinely orchestrated. My son is a completely different child, no longer has fitful nights of sleep and overall is just happy and loving. We can't thank Virginia and the Shaman enough! Love and light to all who read this review."

— K. Albert
La Quinta, CA

"I felt a strong need to seek some sort of spiritual healing but had never had any sort of experience with a healer. As soon as I decided that I needed someone to help me, Virginia's info popped up 15 minutes later.

I knew I needed to see her. I can tell you that Virginia is amazing. She knew things about deep inner feelings that I have never shared with anyone. While I didn't even tell her what was truly troubling me she was told to tell me what it was and how to fix it. There has been a huge energy shift and healing in that area of my life. She also was able to help me plan my new business.

I thought this would be a one time thing but I know I will be back to see her. What's even greater than her ability is her warm spirit and desire to truly help others. A wonderful experience."

— S. Gordon
Hemet, CA

"Spiritual awakenings can be quite a lonely and confusing process. I did not have anyone to talk to. Seven mystic rings kept popping up in my life so I thought I would give it a try. Meeting with her gave me a whole new level of understanding. It gave me comfort and direction. It opened up doors beyond my wildest dreams. My life will never be the same again. Virginia is an amazing person who you can tell just wants to help others. She changed my life."

— E. Monson
Temecula, CA

"All I can say is that Virginia is the real deal! When you have your Akashic records read, Virginia provides you with some guidelines via email before your appointment. I had my questions ready to go, but I didn't even need them because Virginia had already answered 80% of them by receiving messages from the divine spiritual world after you give her permission to access your past, present, and future Akashic records. Virginia exceeded my expectations, took her time to explain things to me that I did not understand, and even told me what I needed to do in my daily meditations to overcome the blockages that are holding me back, and keeping me in a vicious cycle of non-productive repetitive behavior. When you meet Virginia don't be surprised if you can feel her high vibrational energy that leaves you energized but in a calm state of mind. I will definitely be following up with Virginia in the next couple of months after I feel I like I have overcome my blockages and I am ready for more information from my spiritual guides. Did I mention you can ask Virginia what Archangels you have working with you? It was so enlightening and explained so things that I thought were coincidences, but really were the divine sending me love messages. Whether you live in or near Temecula, or if you're on vacation like I was, Seven Mystic Rings is a MUST experience! Thank you, Virginia!"

— K. Albert
La Quinta, CA

"Virginia has a special gift. She helped me in so many ways. I learned a meditation to stay grounded and to pinpoint areas in my life that were holding me back. I left feeling lighter, focused and a believer! Months of therapy could not compare to one session with Virginia."

— K. Brooks
Menifee, CA

"Virginia did an excellent job. She really helped me uncover many issues and worked with me to set up a plan. I felt the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders; a true sense of freedom and empowerment. Well worth the cost."

— S. Word
Temecula, CA

"Virginia is a lovely lady who truly has a gift. She came to my home and she gave me a reading. She answered all my questions and taught me so much about the spirit world. She also did a home cleansing. She is very caring and we still keep in touch. I highly recommend you see her."

— R. Trkja
Temecula, CA

"Virginia is very helpful, kind and patient. The information provided is valuable with your openness to receive. Digging deep to get to life of continuous affirmation is and can be life changing! Thanks Virginia!"

— Cheryl Zenski
Murrieta, CA

"I've known Virginia for 7 years and she is amazing, very knowledgeable with meditation and healing. I definitely recommend her, she is honest and kind and goes above and beyond to help her customers. We have been in networking groups together and participated in several events. She goes out of her in every way to help her customers and friends. Call her to learn more about her services and products."

— D. Gonzalez
Murrieta, CA

"I did a lot of research about Akashic Records prior to reaching out to Virginia to make a reservation. 2018 was not the best for me, and I really wanted to begin the year with a cleanse to start focusing on the things that would make me happy again. So for that reason, I reserved the Meditation and Healing With Your Akashic Records Open (1hr/$100). If you are looking for the same thing, or new to this type of meditation experience, I would highly suggest this service. This was my first time, but it sure will not be my last... in fact, I have already reserved my next appointment for a full 1hr Akashic Reading under the Full Moon. Go in knowing that everyone will have different experience and try not to put too much pressure on yourself; as Virginia's website suggests, come with an open heart, if you do that, I think you will be delighted and enlightened through this special experience."

— B. Perret
Murrieta, CA

"My life has changed for the better after seeing Virginia. Many thanks."

— D. Hartman
Murrieta, CA

"In my session with Virginia I felt comfortable and grounded. The things that came up have answered questions I’ve had for years and others that make me feel good about what’s next. Virginia is naturally empathize and full of heart."

— M. Minucci
Temecula, CA

"My session with Virginia Earl was amazing! She was so on point with everything she shared with me. I received so much healing and wisdom from our time together. She comes highly recommended! I can’t wait to book another session and learn more!!"

— M. Lemurian
Fontana, CA

"I had the opportunity to have a reading with Virginia and it was an amazing experience also the environment was so peaceful and restful. She is really talented and already a few of the things she told me have happened. She is a woman that really knows her skill and easily taps into you and sees things about you that are amazing. It was a great experience and I encourage you to check her out she delivers what she says."

— R. Motter
Meniffee, CA

"Love this. Virginia was great. I would totally recommend her. I have been so much more focused and sure of myself and where I’m going since my session with her.
Thank you Virginia!!!!"

— P. Mayorga
West Covina, CA

"Virginia is amazing! I immediately felt so secure and safe with her. The sense of healing she was able to provide for me was unlike any other. Not only did she help heal, but she also helped guide me in such a proper direction. I am forever indebted to her. I highly recommend seeing her, she is absolutely wonderful!"

— J. Rashidi
San Diego, CA

"I had a wonderful experience with Virginia. From the moment I walked in, to the moment I left, I felt completely comfortable. With a kind hand and a soft voice, she leads you through an unforgettable experience. She is very knowledgeable and is there to fulfil your needs and questions. I definitely recommend Seven Mystic Rings and I will be back in the future!"

— K. Dalton
Temecula, CA

"Virginia is an amazing person and has an incredible gift. I wasn't sure what to expect going into the Akashic Records reading but she made it an experience that I will never forget. It was a very healing and spiritual experience. She brought clarity into my life and helped me more than I can say. It was truly enlightening. Virginia surpassed my every expectation. I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves and their life's purpose. I will definitely be seeing her again."

— J. Cavataio
Murrieta, CA

"Virginia has changed our lives for the better. She has given us answers and ways to solve our troubles. She is very much a real Clairvoyant Medium and more. So extremely thankful our paths have crossed. I highly recommend an Akashic Records reading to anyone. Virginia is extremely intuitive. She Is kind and thorough. She has helped me in various aspects of my life. I could talk all day with her. She is the real deal. If you want to know your purpose or your past. This is the one to see. She has answered many questions. Look forward to seeing her again."

— K. Wettelings
Moreno Valley, CA

"What an experience I had with Virginia Earl. She really changed my life. She help me understand the issues I had my whole life and what to do about them. And amazingly hit on all points about my life and showed me what I need to do to move forward. Virginia is the real deal. I will be seeing her again."

— R. Avants
Moreno Valley, CA

"I had an amazing experience with my reading. A lot of information shared gave me some guidance for peace and balance. Thank you!"

— S. M. Profancik
Temecula, CA

"I had an amazing experience with Virginia and the two-hour Akashic Record Reading session. With Virginia's spiritual connection and expertise, I received practical an inspiring solutions for every question that I had. Virginia went above and beyond my expectations and delivered a life changing experience. I am recommending this process and Virginia specifically to anyone interested."

— M. McSeveney
Corona, CA

"I was going through a lot before meeting Virginia. I was scared and nervous prior to my reading but after talking to her I calmed down and felt relaxed. I heard what I needed to hear to move forward in a positive light. She is an amazing kind woman with a heart of gold! Thank you Virginia for everything!"

— V. Taitoa
Murrieta, CA

"I had an amazing experience with Virginia Earl. I had an Akashic reading with the extra hour afterwards. She confirmed many questions I had, shared things I didn't know and assisted me in many spiritual practices. If your looking for guidance, look no further!"

— K. Carter
Murrieta, CA

"Virginia is amazing at what she does and is so kind and generous that it’s impossible not to have a good experience with her! She provided me with amazing insight to things...truly priceless information and details that I'm so grateful for. The details of what to do, how and why were so specific and that guidance has so much value. I will forever be thankful to her! If you are open, you should give her a try —you won’t regret it! Thanks Virginia!"

— A. Di Cesare
Murrieta, CA

"To say this was unlike any experience I’ve ever had would be an understatement. I was given the opportunity for an Akashic session with Virginia as a Birthday present and I cannot wrap my head around how much of a blessing this was for me. I went in with questions and a plan to get answers for my history of health issues and a new professional path; however, her session was so much more than that. Though she answered every question in the most calming, peaceful and trusting environment, she also shed light on so much more than I could have anticipated. To say my soul did some work and has greater peace does not do justice for the settling I feel. I feel like I was set free from burdens, stories I told myself and pressure. What's even more shocking is that this has translated over to my family. I received information that was meant to help and ease my family, which in turn has healed parts of myself. THANK YOU Virginia. Your life’s work is such a gift and it is without any hesitation I recommend you to anyone who wants insight, wants a breakthrough, wants to be free, wants to be settled and wants to experience peace!"

— A. Beckham
Nashville, Tennessee

"I had an amazing experience with Virginia Earl. I had an akashic reading with the extra hour afterwords. She confirmed many questions I had, shared things I didn't know and assisted me in many spiritual practices. If your looking for guidance, look no further!"

— K. Carter
Murrieta, CA

"Very compassionate with her clients and has a lot of attention to detail. When it comes to expecting information, she completely gives you more and beyond your expectations."

— F. Chavez
Temecula, CA

"Virginia is amazing! So professional, kind, and caring. I had my records read and it helped give me direction and the answers to the questions I had. I recommend her to all."

— T. Smith Meisenhalder
Temecula, CA

"Virginia has a stellar reputation in the community with more than 20 A+ reviews. I highly recommend her as she is a true talent."

— C. Young
Lake Elsinore, CA

"I have used Virginia myself and have recommended her to several clients of mine as well. She is incredibly gifted."

— L. C. Burgues
Murrieta, CA

"Virginia is AMAZING at what she does. We did a reading a few weeks ago and the things that she said would happen are happening!! I HIGHLY recommend her services!"

— S. Anne Pisarek
Murrieta, CA

"I have personally used Virginia's services and am beyond grateful for the information I received. She truly has a gift and I would encourage anyone to invest in a session to heal and/or get important information about their life. Virginia's excellent reputation within the community speaks for itself."

— B. Lee Crooks
Murrieta, CA

"I am one of Virginia's colleagues, who did the Akashic records course with her. I am an Energetic and Spiritual Healer, as well as born Clairvoyant. However, it is difficult to read for oneself, so I always go to Virginia for a reading, and every single time, Virginia's reading was accurate, absolutely spot on. Thanks V."

— A. Al Niel
Sutherland, New South Wales, Australia

"My time with Virginia was so calm and reassuring. This gifted reader and clairvoyant is so generous to open her herself as a conduit so her clients can get a better glimpse of themselves, where they came from, and where they may be going. I recommend Seven Mystic Rings to anyone who is looking for greater clarity into their existence."

— P. Sprunger
Canyon Lake, CA

"Was one of thee best sessions with a Clairvoyant I've had in my life...always wanted SPECIFICALLY Akashic records read and Virgina is the real deal* I recommend her to all! Really helped me realize my path, clear up negative energy and become more focused on how to achieve my goals!"

— A. G. Carballo
Wildomar, CA

"I have known Virginia for more than 6 months. I had my 1st Akashic Reading with her. It was amazing, I felt her abilities to connect with me ran deep. Virginia is authentic and provided a sacred space for what I needed. I was able to journal during the session and ask as many questions as I desired. I received what I was looking for. Thank you Seven Mystic Rings! In gratitude."

— A. Calig
Temecula, CA

"Thanks to Virginia for the great session. I have felt a shift in energy since that day a week ago, so thanks so much."

— C. Faerber
Chula Vista, CA

"Above and beyond - meditation, affirmation, and clarity. I felt my intuition increase in Virginia's presence. I feel closer to my own soul and can hear its wisdom stronger than ever."

— E. Faith
Temecula, CA

"Virginia provides one more piece in the big puzzle of life. It was an informative interaction with the Masters and my personal Akashic records."

— S. Drake
Murrieta, CA

"Great experience! Highly recommend that you book a session/sessions with Virginia if you have any questions about your life's direction or purpose. I needed some guidance and she was able to provide that!"

— R. Igoe
Temecula, CA

"Virginia was an absolute joy to speak with and she made the process very calming. She was spot on with so many things and I now feel very at peace with what I had questioned. Thank you!!"

— T. Graaff
Wildomar, CA

"Virginia has a calm, caring and comforting personality. My initial anxiety at the beginning of the session quickly disappeared. I gained much clarity about my current situation and also guidance on how to move forward. In addition, I learned about some of my life lessons and my life purpose. I left the session feeling hopeful and very encouraged by all the insight I had received."

— C. Lindley
Temecula, CA

"Virginia is very gifted and has so much insight! My son was having difficulty sleeping through the night. She explained there was a realm of spirits affecting him at night. Virginia told us the tools we needed to make his nights restful and uninterrupted. He has had a deep nights sleep ever since! We are very thankful!"

— Laurel
Temecula, CA

"Virginia did an excellent job!! She even took the time to do a chakra toning over Skype with me. She definitely confirmed that I'm on the right path and what I need to do clear my blockages. My guides came in with very clear messages. Very spot on and I did end up crying a couple times due to some issues earlier in life. I definitely will follow the advice I was given and I'm glad to know that I was a nurse and a healer working with children in my past life. That confirms why I always have the passion and urge to become a RN and a healer. Also I always wanted to become a RN so I can go to other countries and help the children. Always been a goal of mine. But she is definitely worth the money and you will not be disappointed!! It just made me feel relief and clear of my life purpose and what I need to be doing. I'm definitely keeping in contact with her!! Thank you once again!! Love and light to you hun!! And I can't wait to do the pink bubble meditation!!"

— A. Killebrew
Kokomo, IN

"Virginia did an excellent job in all parts of the consultation: clear advance communication and documentation, a very welcoming and safe vibration and sharing of sacred space during the reading, and a deep and helpful conduit of information and healing energies from my Records. Many Thanks!"

— J. Fargo
Emeryville, CA

"She was spot on with regards to where I am at this point in my life and her advice as to the direction I'm going was a confirmation to where I AM going."

— C. Doane
Murrieta, CA

"Virginia is an amazing reader. Before we began I was so nervous to know what I needed to know. During our meditation to ground ourselves before we began to unlock my Akashic Records I became so connected to spirit that all of my anxiety and nervousness just disappeared. I relaxed and she made me feel comfortable with her inviting gentle energy. I was amazed at her ability to gain the answers to my questions with such clarity and precision. She confirmed for me my own intuition which is a gift in and of itself; really priceless. I was able to release my own self-doubt. I really do not even have words good enough to explain how ecstatic I was with the answers I received. I can tell you that I was left in tears at one point because she confirmed for me something so dear to my heart that I do not speak to many people about it. I highly recommend Virginia's service. The reading is worth every penny that you would spend on it. Priceless."

— D. Fuller
Brazoria, TX

"This was a very eye opening experience that really helped with fully understanding my current situation and how I got here. The answers I received will undoubtedly allow me to move forward in life with confidence."

— B. L. Crooks
Murrieta, CA

"I was very impressed with her abilities and the way she conducted herself. We were in a very noisy, chaotic environment due to the nature of the event and she still managed to hold a very safe space and do her readings. I believe that she was very accurate in what came through and my high guide came through to me as she was reading. He has never done that before."

— B. Bowman
Hemet, CA

"Very happy with the information I got. I would recommend her services to anyone who needs validation on the spiritual level."

— Candice B.
Menifee, CA

"I had a great experience. What she knew about my daughter was straight on and what she said was so very comforting. I feel like I can conquer life now!"

— D. Hambrick Burkhardt
Orangecrest, CA

"Virginia offers a warm and inviting space for her readings. She offered guidance that was healing. I would recommend Virginia as an Akashic Records practitioner."

— S. Montgomery
Meniffee, CA

"There was a sacred space created for the reading, which helped with grounding. My messages were helpful and pointed me on a clearer path. I feel clear and balanced."

— A. Hicks
Murrieta, CA

"It was an awesome experience and I learned a lot about my past and direction I needed to take on my future."

— M. Carlo
Wildomar, CA

"I had my records read and I was shocked at some of the things she told me. Some I expected and others I was surprised by. Especially because this isn't like psychic readings I've had before where I was asked questions and then told things about myself I already knew. If you've even wondered why you do certain things or read in certain ways, having your records read will certainly answer that for you. It's a great way to have a deeper insight and sense of knowledge about yourself. Highly recommend it."

— L. C. Burgues
Murrieta, CA